NTS Educators test Sample papers of all subjects.

1-Elementary School Educator (BPS-9) Click Here

2-Elementary School Educator(Science-Math) BPS-9 

Click Here

3-Senior Elementary School Educator (English) (BPS-14) Click Here

4-Senior Elementary School Educator(M.A Urdu) (BPS-14)Click Here

5-Senior Elementary School Educator(Mathematics) (BPS-14)Click Here

6-Senior Elementary School Educator(Science) (BPS-14) Click Here

7-Senior Elementary School Educator(Arabic) (BPS-14)

Click Here

8-Senior Elementary School Educator(Computer Science) (BPS-14) Click Here

9-Senior Elementary School Educator(PET) (BPS-14) Click Here

10-Senior Elementary School Educator(DM) (BPS-14)Click Here

11-Secondary School Educator (M.A Urdu) (BPS-16)Click Here

12-Secondary School Educator (English) (BPS-16)Click Here

13-Secondary School Educator(Mathematics) (BPS-16)Click Here

14-Secondary School Educator(Physics) (BPS-16)Click Here

15-Secondary School Educator(Biology) (BPS-16)Click Here

 16-Secondary School Educator(Chemistry) (BPS-16)Click Here

17-Secondary School Educator(Computer Science) (BPS-16)Click Here


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